Paving the path to Spring of Hope!

Path (1).jpg

My Friends,

As you have known that the path from the main road to the school normally becomes very muddy during the rainy season which will start from next month, May until November. When Keith came, he was interested in this and wanted to help, but a few months later we heard that an official from the government also wanted to help. Somehow, that official only promised and he never came back to fulfill what he had promised. We have no hope that we can get any help from him.

So now, I want to bring this issue for discussion again. I think that we should construct this very soon in this month April or early May. Otherwise, the rainy season starts and the construction cannot be made during that season.

This is also a strong proposal from all students as well. Parents of students have contributed and we already have $350 in hand from them. According to the estimation, the total construction will cost $1,206. So, we need $856 to add to the contribution of $350 that we received. This is to pave the path with concrete (cement, stone, iron) for 60 x 2 meters.

Your Friend,