This project has been entirely funded by your generous contributions - we've accomplished a lot together.

Donations for this project come from individuals like yourself.  For the past ten years the project has been entirely funded by individual contributions.  We depend on your incredible generosity and continued support to be able to continue our work in Cambodia.  Your donations are IRS tax deductible and you will receive a personal thank you from our Board Members.

Please consider giving today so that this program can continue to give these children and young adults a chance to keep up their hard work learning and fighting for a better tomorrow.

For example:
– $30 houses one university student for one month
– $50 buys books for one university student for a year
– $100 pays our English teacher for one month
– $250 pays the tuition of a first year university student for one semester
– $450 pays one semester’s tuition for a third or fourth year university student

No gift is too small. 

Thank you for your continued support!